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Musk Malaki (Unisex) - 30mL


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Musk Malaki 30mL Perfume Oil, the Original Long Lasting Formula in Glass Bottle

Premium Concentrate Parfum Oil, Body and Skin Oil
Great Gift Package

  • ORIGINAL QUALITY: Oriental unisex fragrance blend from the Middle East for the experienced connoisseur. Ideal for standalone use or layering with other Eau de Parfum products from the Swiss Arabian range. This designer therapeutic essential perfume oil features an exquisite scent blended to perfection. This extraordinary musky floral has a quality that elevates you to a new status. Opening with juicy, ripe fruits, this enticing opening act speaks of the wonders to come. Entering a vernal valley
  • NATURAL PERFUME: Alcohol Free and Vegan; Swiss Arabian (as well as its ingredient supply partners) do NOT use any products that are sourced from animals nor perform testing on animals. Where such components are required, the best quality synthetic alternatives are used. An essential part of any oriental/occidental perfume enthusiasts' collection; Often used as a catalyst (layered with other scents).
  • PERFORMANCE: Very long lasting with a great sillage rating. Olfactory fatigue, also known as nose-blindness, is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular scent after a prolonged exposure to it. It is a common occurrence with CPOs, such as this one. When you think that the scent has faded, ask a trusted friend to confirm if they still smell it on you. You will be surprised of their affirmative response when you actually still can not. Swiss Arabian's CPOs should have longevity o
  • SAMPLES AVAILABLE: If you would like to try the Malaki Premium Oils Collection (Mukhalat, Musk and Rose Malaki) consider ordering the CPO Samples Collection (which currently features 22 of our best selling CPOs, including this one). You may also want to consider our Artisan Perfume Oil blends Sample Kit as well.
  • Part of House of Swiss Arabian (Dubai) range of exotic and luxury perfumes range including but not limited to the select Malaki Collection (Mukhalat, Musk and Rose). A great companion for layering with Bakhoor, Dukhoon, Mabsoos, Musc Tahara, Persian and Concentrated Perfume Oils.
Capture the magic of the Arabian desert on a moonlit night. A bewitching silver harmony of flowers, amber and musk like a fragrant oasis under a starry sky. Ultra-premium, ultra-luxurious – Musk Malaki.

TOP NOTES: Lily Of The Valley
Base Notes: Musk, Ambergris

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kelvin J Mason
Musk & Rose

I’ve been purchasing Malaki oil Fragrances for a few years now never heard from my seller a few weeks ago kind and thoughtful i felt like family.I recommend a company go get some MALAKI fragrances and other brands cheers

leyla Castilla
Great perfume

I love the clean scent, I will buying this again

Leslie B.
Love, Love, Love Musk Malaki!!

This has become my all-time favorite fragrance. The scent of the oil lasts for a long time on my body and I constantly get compliments on how "good" I smell. Thanks!


This smells like ajmal long lasting

Eva Mantovi
Beautiful !

I am addicted to this musk love how the oil sinks into my skin.leaves no oily residue. It is perfect to put on skin after the shower. The scent lasts a very long time. I like to put drops of this musk into my unscented body lotion.