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Sahret Al Mahabah (Unisex) EDT 100mL


Sahret Al Mahabah (Unisex) EDT 100ML 

TOP NOTES: Pink Pepper 
MIDDLE NOTES: African Orange Flower 
BASE NOTES: Tonka bean, Benzoin and Vanilla

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to dump all your aphrodisiac claiming perfumes and colognes in the toilet! Studies have shown that these overpriced bottles of snake oil have almost no effect on sexual attraction. In fact, for women, men’s colognes may even have a slightly negative overall impact on sexual arousal.

If you’re looking for an aphrodisiac, ignore your boudoir and instead peek inside your kitchen cupboard. “It appears that food odors elicit the greatest sexual response,” says Dr. Alan Hirsch of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. “Get rid of the cologne and get some Good & Plenty candy.”

So you want to set the mood for a sexy evening of seduction....

The link between scent and seduction is no secret! Meet our sexiest fragrance and discover Swiss Arabian's top tips for making it flirt for you.

This sensual version of Sahret Al Mahabah (Unisex) EDT 100ML (a night of passion, as it translate from Arabic) has been sexed-up with vanilla, tonka bean and African orange flower. Created by Swiss Arabian, it's got the makings of a signature scent for all flirty bunnies. Its ‘plain vanilla’ bottle, is only a testiment to its 'untouched' natural, pure, honest and unadulterated state.

The base of vanilla and tonka bean has an undeniable effect on mature men who are most aroused by just one simple smell…vanilla! Modern science has proven what native people figured out centuries ago, and many of us discovered on our own — whether you prefer to eat, drink, or smell it, vanilla is definitely a potent character in the arena of love!

Seldom do seductive perfumes come in Unisex form, the fact that both you and your partner will put on the same fragrance is a plus and help avoid the typical clash between his and her's sents when the passion gets heated.

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Customer Reviews

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sahret al mahaba

i got this simply because of the name and that was a mistake, i dont know what theat smell is but i cant seem to wear it, i love SA products but i am sorry this one i cant take the smell.

Light, Clean, a daily wear

This is a beautifully simple and clean smelling fragrance that can easily be a daily wear. The EDT factor means that it doesn’t last, so reapplication is necessary, but, aside from that it is pleasing to the nose. It is far from a beast mode fragrance, but one you might use as a fresh from the shower spray or just lounging around the house.

an Eau de Toilette

First, you should know that this fragrance is an EDT (eau de toilette), not an EDP (eau de parfum) ... an EDP is stronger and last longer hours on the skin than an EDT. Most Designer's perfumes sold at very well known stores at the Mall are mostly EDT; unlike Swiss Arabian perfumes which are mostly EDP (which is something I like very much). However, this one is EDT; sweet and spicy but at a very low price it's something can't be missed; after all, you can also spray it at pillows and lightly to some furniture at home for a fantastic scent. I'd give it a 4 stars for a spray on fragrance and a 5 star for a home fragrance.


This is garbage DON’T buy waste of money

Mine came spoiled

I received a spoiled bottle. It smelled like stale hairspray and grape juice. I have an open nose, I can usually mix and adjust, but this was/went bad.