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Oud & Bakhoor – Fill your homes with luxurious scent of Arabia…

Oud is the general term given to the perfume oil extracted, using a variety of techniques, from the wood of the Agarwood tree. Oud oil has been previously discussed in detail in our previous blog here.

Bakhoor is usually the general term used to refer to, mainly wood chips, soaked in fragrant oils that can be burned to release their intoxicating fragrance.

Muattar or Mamool are terms used to refer specifically to chips of agarwood that are then soaked in fragrant oils. Mabsoos/Mabthooth is a specific term for when shavings of agarwood are also used and soaked in fragrant oils. However, the term bakhoor encompasses muattar, mamool and mabthooth.

Bakhoor Dukhoon Al Jazeera - 70g
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Bait Al Arab - 40 Tablets (Bakhoor)
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Bakhoor Muattar Angham (GOLD) - 40g
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Kashkha Oud Muattar - 24 Grams
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Bakhoor Kashkha - 18 Tablets
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