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Perfume Layering Kit/Collection

A Different Way To Look At Fragrances

Think about how you apply a fragrance – what probably springs to mind is the act of spraying an eau de parfum a couple of times in the general direction of your neck or chest, or simply apply an perfume oil.

But why just ‘spray and pray’ when you can create a longer lasting, all-over scent impression by layering several perfume products from your favorite fragrance’s range? Or, if you’re feeling a bit more creative, how about layering completely different fragrances on top of each other to create something that’s unique to you?

Well, if you would like to give Perfume Layering a try, we have put together a sample set to help you experience this wonderful transition with ease.

The easiest form of fragrance layering involves combining products from the House of Swiss Arabian Perfumes range to create a more intense, longer lasting, top-to-toe scent. By using these products in tandem you don’t just increase its staying power though.

Layering Sample Set

This set contains a 3mL Decant of Musk Malaki and 2 x EDP sample vials of Oud Maknoon, Nouf, Shaghaf Oud Aswad and Shaghaf Oud Abyad. The below layering ideas describe the various transformations you would experience.

-Feel free to extend the testing with other perfumes that share similar characteristics. The exerciser would give you a insight to the world of layering.

[Subtle Layering]

You don’t have to use layering to boost your fragrance’s intensity though: you can also use it to create a more subtle scent impression.

Musk Malaki + Nouf
This combo turns Nouf into a delicate sweet spicy fragrance by toning the notes of cedar and pepper; Malaki will also longevity.

Musk Malaki + Shaghaf Oud Aswad
This combination, while adding an undertone of floral to Shaghaf Oud Aswad, it significantly helps with the overall longevity. To retain more of Aswad's characteristics, you would need to apply a double dose(*) your usual application.

Musk Malaki + Oud Maknoon + Nouf
This particular combo will transform Maknoon's sharp pepper and woody notes into a sweet spiced woodsy ones. A very unique outcome for those who enjoy Maknoon.

[Intense Layering]

Oud Maknoon + Nouf
Adds an intense woody and slightly floral characteristics to Nouf's sweet spicy presence.

Nouf + Oud Maknoon
Intensifies the spice and woods present in Oud Maknoon and significantly reduces the presence of Maknoon's rose notes.

Oud Maknoon + Shaghaf Oud Aswad
Oud Maknoon is used to add a rich woodsy base to Shaghaf Oud Aswad, but takes much away from Aswad's rosy incense infusion. To retain more of Aswad's characteristics, you would need to apply a double dose(*) your usual application.

[Sharp Note(s) Tapering]

Musk Malaki + Shaghaf Oud Abyad
First a little note about Shaghaf Oud Abyad: It strongly smells like incense, leather, myrrh and sweet berry. Dark, spicy, very religious (thanks to incense and especially to opoponax), sweet, mineral and smokey. A masterpiece, but one that is not for everybody.

By first applying a layer of Musk Malaki to your skin, you will taper all those dark and smokey notes and arrive to combination that still retains the essence of Abyad, but one that is very much subdued.

Musk Malaki + Oud Maknoon
Significantly reduces the sharp pepper and woody notes, while turning the scent combo into a woodsy gender-neutral floral bouquet.

(*) Shaghaf Oud Aswad is formulated to project a balanced rosy incense infusion and remain close to the skin, thus any changes to it will remain very subtle and/or overshadowed by a counter-part (the same is true with most fragrances that fall into such formulation.

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