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ALDIWAN Sample Pack

ALDIWAN is a specially designed package of samples that gives our fans a glimpse of our various offerings from every category we cater for. The package contains some Eau de Parfums, Concentrate Perfumes, Dehn El Oudh, Bakhoors, Charcoal, as well as 1/4 Tola of our best seller Artisan Blend (The orient Oud).

We have also stepped this offer up significantly by adding a version of it when you also get a 75mL bottle of our famous Shaghaf Oud along with it (for an extra $35 only!).

Shaghaf Oud is Swiss Arabian's gourmand oud that has captivated the world.

Without further adieu; Here are the exact content of the newly introduced ALDIWAN Sample Pack.

Eau de Parfums, EDP (Spray):
Imperial Arabia
Shaghaf Oud Abyad
Oud Maknoon
Shaghaf Oud Aswad

Bakhoor / Incense:
Charcoal Briquettes (1 Roll)
Bakhoor Select Samples (6 varieties)

Concentrated Perfume Oils:
Dehn el Oud Cambodi (Micro Vial)
CPO Collection (Complete 22 Vials Set)
1/4 Tola 3mL Bottle (Orient Oud)


ALDIWAN Sample Pack (+ Shaghaf Oud 75mL)
$64.95 (Great Offer)

All the samples contained in the original ALDIWAN Sample Pack, plus a full bottle of our famous Shaghaf Oud.

Due to the promotional nature of this offer, you will be receiving a non-retail packaged bottle of Shaghaf Oud 75mL. It is the same exact product except it would not be shipped in its normal outer box packaging.

This is a limited quantity and time offer; Hurry to place your order before our stock of this wonderful offer runs out.