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Dehn El Oud Cambodi - 3mL

Perhaps you should try next our Dehn El Oud Cambodi, which is a layered fragrance of prized Cambodian oud oil. It is for those who desire and expect perfection and quality. This is a scent for the person for whom ordinary is not enough.

The precious quality of this sought-after Cambodian oud can be recognized as soon as you wear it. The first veil of oud is golden and earthy, rendering the finest qualities of agarwood onto your skin. The middle phase of Dehn El Oud Cambodi deepens in richness and in texture, making the oud glow like an invisible aura around you. As the final shimmering veil of oud reveals itself, it is a radiant jewel which proves to the world that you only accept the very finest.

Dehn El Oud Cambodi is a unisex concentrated perfume oil.

Accept only the finest.

Swiss Arabian offers a unique variety of exquisite, exotic and high quality designer fragrances in both concentrated oil and Eau De Parfum selections for Men, Women and Unisex consumers. Each Luxurious perfume bottle is equal in elegance that will match the desired fragrance and occasion you are looking to experience.

TOP NOTES: Agarwood Oud Oil
MIDDLE NOTES: Agarwood Oud Oil
BASE NOTES: Agarwood Oud Oil

Finer Details: 

  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Beautiful Gift Offering
  • Comes in an attractive bottle
  • Packaged in a velvet bag 
  • Can be applied to Skin & Clothing 
  • 100% natural, alcohol-free fragrance

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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I wish i could buy all of it! Love it.

Very Animalistic.

I love your product, smell like haven

Love the product

High Wuality Agarwood CPO

This oud has a high projection and is long lasting. I'm pleased with its exotic, rich. sophisticated, layered fragrance with earthy and sweet wood notes. Lovely product & customer service. Thank you.

The Lapsang Souchong of perfumes

I love a single malt Islay Scotch whisky and my favorite tea is Lapsang Souchong. Dehn El Oud Cambodie is a scent in the same vein. You just want it to surround you. It's not a perfume for everyone, but it's a scent you will never forget. For me, it conjures up a picture of leather and warm woodiness; Arabian horses thundering across the desert with their mysterious riders swathed in aromatic robes. I Love this perfume.

Good strong natural

Mubrak barak natural oudh. Original and the best. Good service and thanks.