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Hamsah EDP - 80mL

Swiss Arabian Hamsah EDP - 80mL

Ethereal and graceful as a swan floating on a lake. Archly teasing with traces of orange blossom, and slowly emerging with the generosity of rose, golden honey and zesty vetiver. Cover your skin with the gentle kisses of Hamsah.

TOP NOTES: Orange Blossom
MIDDLE NOTES: Mandarin, Gardenia
BASE NOTES: Rose, Honey, Vetiver

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Hamsah is always in my 5 fingers!

I should have bought two or three bottles of this EDP!! It is an absolutely breathtaking fragrance. It is soft and romantic and alluring. I seem to always have my "5 fingers" around the bottle. Every time I pass by my fragrance tray, I spray it over and over. It does not need it, I just love smelling it. Not sure if it lasts a long time and I do not really care. I just love wearing it for myself. The next time I order it, I will order two bottles. I wish it also came as a CPO because I would wear them both together. I have 200+ samples of your EDPs and CPOs. I will have to come live in your store when I finish buying all of my favorites. I only purchase my fragrances from SA/Maison.USA Thank you for such a quality product line. I don't like them all but the ones I like I usually love and buy.

Loreve Harris

Hamsah EDP - 80mL

carole carlyle

Smells good

Marta Zielke
Very refreshing

It's perfect for the warmer days we are experiencing now. Fresh, flowery, citrusy, just a hint of sweet. I love it and love ALL your oils and perfumes.

Abdelfettah El Azzaoui

Very good service