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Jannet El Firdaus and Naeem (5 Bottle Combo)


👉 Are you Jannatul Firdaus lover?
Here is something different for you to try. We have brought more than four varieties of Swiss Arabian Jannatul Firdaus for you plus a bonus Jannet El Naeem bottle. ❣️ Get it now on from Swiss Arabian USA

1. Jannet El Firdaus (Red)
2. Jannet El Firdaus (Black)
3. Jannet El Firdaus (White)
4. Jannet El Firdaus (Green)
5. Jennet El Naeem

All original, all authentic, all Swiss Arabian.

Did you know? Swiss Arabian offer a special Jannet El Firdaus bakhoor in the scent of the original formulation!

About Jannatul Firdous (Givaudan Original and Traditional Formulation from 1974)

Jannat El Firdaus is a Oriental Fougere fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features jasmine, lotus, cinnamon, gardenia, grass, woody notes, herbal notes and rose.

Olfactory Information/Composition:

Top Notes: Lotus, Cinnamon, Gardenia
Middle Notes: Grass, Woody Notes
Base Notes: Herbal

(1) Oriental-Fougere. Oriental: Oriental fragrances with a dominant amber note are placed in a separate grouop due to their warmth and sensuality. ... Fougere: meaning Fern in French, fougere is built on a base of oakmoss, lavender, and coumarin. It is characterized by its sharp, herbaceous, and woody scent.

Customer Reviews

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Abdullatheef Abdulrahman
Alhamthu lillah nice

Alhamthu lillah nice

Batul Suterwala

The product was great, will re- order again, inshallah!

Katherine H King

I have enjoyed everything I’ve gotten from you. I’m planning to order lots more.