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Manager's Special Dec/2019

This month we are offering a special decant package to the Oud, Single Note and Mukhalat connoisseurs among our fans. SA's Manager (an artisan blend fan) along with our perfumer have developed several special creations between themselves with a little extra to share :)

If you are a fan of uncharted blends, "barnyard" ouds, amber and single note blends, you may want to consider your decant quota from these creations.

Please note that these releases are one-off; There may not be a chance to re-purchase the same items in the future as consistency is hard to achieve on commercial scale or due to the scarcity of the indigents used in these blends.

Once again this is only for the connoisseurs. If you find "barnyard" oud too repugnant, this is not for you :)

Package Content:
1 x 3mL Oud Select
1 x 3mL Amber Select
1 x 3mL Rose Garden

During this month, these items will be offered in the special crystal Tola bottles displayed in the photo.

NOTE: Orders that include this special item will be slightly delayed in processing than usual (approximately by a day or two).

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