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Muattar Mumtaz Bakhoor 500g

Bakhoor Oudh Muattar Mumtaz Swiss Arabian Incense - Best Seller!


Top Notes: Rose and Agarwood
Middle Notes: Geranium, Plum, Apple, Violet Leaves and Honey
Base Notes: Agarwood, Musk and Sandalwood

Excellent Quality Bakhoor with Oud, Turkish Rose, Spanish Saffron, Cambodian Agarwood, Amber, Musk Sandalwood and perfume oils.

A small amount is long lasting and has a pleasant fragrance.

High Quality Rich floral aroma smelling incense bakhoor/bukhoor made from Sandalwood, Agarwood and mixture of Oud, Musk, Amber, Rose Truly heavenly, alluring, long lasting and highly recommended.

How to use:

Place this Bakhoor onto a hot charcoal or electric our burner to release its gorgeous scent and fill the room with a magical, alluring and long lasting aroma that permeates the clothes, furniture, curtains and exudes a welcoming, fresh aroma for all who enter the room.