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Muattar Sultan, Mumtaz & Majlis (1.65 lb) Oudh Bakhoor Incense Bundle (Save)


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This is a special limited time/quantity offer for the Muattar Oudh Bakhoor range from Swiss Arabian which totals up 1.65 lbs of incense.

This collections includes one (1) each of Swiss Arabian's best sellers: Muattar Sultan, Muattar Mumtaz and Muattar Al Majlis - details of each below;

Muattar Sultan Bakhoor 250GM
Top Notes: Rose and Geranium
Middle Notes: Rose, Aldehydic, Geranium and Saffron
Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk and Agarwood

Muattar Mumtaz Bakhoor 250GM
Top Notes: Rose and Agarwood
Middle Notes: Geranium, Plum, Apple, Violet Leaves and Honey
Base Notes: Agarwood, Musk and Sandalwood

Muattar Al Majlis Bakhoor 250GM
Top Notes: Woody, Spicy, Lavender
Middle Notes: Leather and Spices
Base Notes: Tobacco, Oud and more Woody Accords

Customer Reviews

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Osten Olorunsola

Soft and sensual

Eina Abdusemed

Muattar Sultan, Mumtaz & Majlis (1.65 lb) Oudh Bakhoor Incense Bundle (Save)

Great scents

Nice saturated oud chips with very distinctive scents. All 3 smell different, all three will satisfy, these will release aroma for up to 30-45 minutes on an electric burner and 5-10 over charcoal. The scents are pleasant and linger for a couple of hours. I liked all three but in order of favorite to least favorite is as follows: muattar Majlis(masculine sweet tobacco earthy scent), mumtaz( unisex floral sweet woodsy), sultan ( unisex floral musk wood). These are higher quality compared to other brands I have used, the scents feel more authentic and complex, they don’t smell like air freshener or soap. One of these 1/2 lb bags will last you a while even if you burn it daily. 3-6 good size pieces will fill a medium sized room with aroma. The secret is how you burn it, if you want a strong hit of scent or to hit a closet to scent clothes, charcoal is better. But if you need a constant lingering scent that comes in smooth, a regulated electric burner will work best. I prefer oud chips over the crumbling bakhoor tablets.