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Mukhalat Malaki (Unisex) CPO - 30mL


Mukhalat Malaki is a rich, sophisticated scent created for the pleasure of Arabian nobility. The fragrance is concocted using traditional Arabic perfume oils that blend together to deliver a powerfully prolonged moment of fragrant extravagance.

Olfactory Information/Composition:

  • Top Notes: Turkish Rose
  • Middle Notes: Spanish Saffron, Agarwood
  • Base Notes: Indian Amber

Mukhalat Malaki is an oil based "Alcohol Free Attar" for both Men and Women.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Still not sure

This review is ONLY based on the sample from the CPO samples kit.
I would have thought this would have been much thicker but the viscosity is almost watery 'almost'.
The rose is a hard hit on load but as I am starting to get into Bakhoor this immediately reminds me of that Bakhoor.
Almost incense-y It beggs to be layered or blended with something but I cant really tell what yet.. It seems like it might have longevity or help with longevity and projection but I cant
focus on this one at the moment too many other experiments scheduled to conduct. I read somewhere on here about a mix with vanilla bro you'd need one strong vanilla
to even have a note of it noticed through this ...Seriously I could see how leather or vanilla would work well with this but this kicks like a race horse so
you'd have work on your hands Tom Ford Oud vanilla doesn't even seem like it would be strong enough to pair with this . But I only have a "essence of" so I cant really speak
knowledgeably about the real TF deal .. Over all I like the possibilities. I would guess its like a short cut to perfuming your clothes with a Bahkoor. But that's weird and kind of false...

Magnetically Intimidating

The magnetism with this scent is powerful and impressive. A subtle potency. An unforgettable esoteric quality, and delicately masculine - Unisex at its best.
Everything about Swiss Arabian is a fragrant dream come true, especially the bakhoor organic resin incenses smoldering over my charcoal burner. I am transported...

Really great customer service

Really great customer service and shipping


Its so beautiful can't explain i feel like rose and saffron very authentic, attractive, high quality oil cant compare with any other.

Oh my

This is a very nice fragrance oil, definitely leans more masculine Besta a beautiful fragrance oil, great for layering