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Oud Laki (for Her) EDT 100mL

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Oud Laki (for Her) EDT 100ML

A very light hearted Oudh based fragrance from Swiss Arabian's Shorouq brand. It is in Eau de Toilette and is ideally suited for those who have not tried oud before or those who find regular eastern Oud heavy.

Compared to Swiss Arabian's leading oud fragrance like Oud Maknoon or Attar Al Ghutra, or Shaghaf Oud the longevity and projection of this fragrance are quite limited.

If you have not tried a oud based product before, or find yourself looking for something light, this creation by SwissArabian is an ideal selection.

TOP NOTES: Lavendar, Amlfi lemon
MIDDLE NOTES: Cypriol oil, Sea Notes
BASE NOTES: Amber, Patchouli