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Rasheeqa EDP - 50mL

Swiss Arabian Rasheeqa EDP - 50mL
Rasheeqa is a graceful combination of dignity and beauty, exclusive to the women of the nobility. It is a personification of highest echelons of modern elegance, elusive to the masses and yet so easily attainable

TOP NOTES: Rose, Fresh Green Notes
MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine, Aldehydic, Muguet
BASE NOTES: Musk, Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Blew my senses away!!

OMG!! This is one of my favorite.. It smells so fresh, floral but not too overwhelming. Rose, jasmine, musk. All too perfect..This stands tall on my dresser.

Katherine V.
Satisfied with purchase

This perfume took a while to grow on me (I had a sample) but ended up being unique enough that I felt I needed to have it. The bottle is gorgeous as well! It’s quite similar to Amouage Dia but for about 1/7 the price.

I bought that eight cpo bundle plus the Rasheeqa 50 ml.

I waited to wright this review, trying to give you a chance to respond. You asked me to send you a picture of the damaged Jamila. You affirmed that you received it. I have heard nothing from you. So I must assume that you plan to do nothing about this. I give you a two because of the beautiful bottles and I do like must of the fragrances. Your beautiful products don’t excuse your lousy customer service. Those cpo bottles should have never been sent without a box. Never buy from your website again.

Vladime Young-Sang

This is a beautiful fragrance and perfumes form and it also comes in fragments oil. It is a beautiful Woody sweet spicy fragrance and when layered with the fragrance oil the sent will take a week to get off of you lol. The silage and longevity is amazing

Vintage smell

It is a rich full bodied womanly scent but not suitable for young women IMO unless for those looking for 70's vintage feel. I recall Guerlain Chamade when tryng Rasheeqa. They are not identical but for me they are of the same hype thanks to the aldehyde. The bottle design is another reason I want to keep this.