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Experience our exquisite and exclusive range of handmade perfume oils in traditional attar style. Every new release by our perfumer is hand crafted from our most precious ingredients. Every month our perfumer will release three (3) distinct fragrances, a Unisex, a Masculine and a Feminine creation.

While you can purchase any of these releases in an "A la carte" fashion, you may also want to consider our subscription service for fresh monthly selection and save while you are at it.

At Swiss Arabian, our expertise and passion, our knowledge of legendary Arabian perfumery, oriental craftsmanship and contemporary elegance, all come together to create fragrances that capture your imagination and celebrate your true essence.

Experience this perfect mix of cultures and perfumes. Allow our exquisite creations to lead you on an aromatic journey of the senses that culminates in an impeccable moment that enchants forever.

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