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  • Designer Arabian Oud 5 Bottle ALRIYAD Special Edition Spray Fragrances

    This bundle is a unique limited time/quantity consisting of five (5) full-bottle fragrances from the Travel Sized (30 mL) ALRIYAD Special Edition collection.

    All items in this collection are offered in a retail box.

    Please use the links below for more information on each of these products.

    This collection includes one (1) each of the following:
    • WAFI 30 ML SPRAY: A distinguished blend of oud, saffron, and leather, embodying sophistication and class.
    • DELICATE OUD 30 ML SPRAY: An elegant fusion of rose, agarwood, and vanilla, offering a luxurious and memorable aroma.
    • OUD PASSION 30 ML SPRAY: A rich mix of saffron, oud, and warm vanilla, perfect for those who prefer a deep, resonant scent.
    • ARABIAN ORCHID 30 ML SPRAY: A captivating blend with notes of apple, grapes, and musk, designed for the modern individual seeking a touch of elegance.
    • PLAYFUL OUD 30 ML SPRAY: Combines pepper, rose, and amber for a playful yet profound fragrance experience.

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    If you're interested in experiencing this fragrance before purchasing a full-size bottle, we invite you to explore our exclusive Discovery Set. This set includes a special edition collection of 5 vials, featuring our fragrance, allowing you to test and enjoy the scent at your leisure. Discover your new favorite today! For more details and to order your set, please visit: Alriyad EDP Discovery Set - Special Edition.