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  • Rich Oud 100 ML EDP (Niche Collection)


    RICH OUD is a masculine fragrance that has been crafted for a man who is intense and passionate. This niche fragrance is luxury in a bottle, and perfect for the man who enjoys smelling expensive and sophisticated. In the opening an exotic and resinous note of incense is warm and smoky, while an earthy and spicy black pepper tingles your senses. The coffee note is an intense dark roast facet that adds depth and warmth.

    » for an intense and passionate personality
    » for evenings, date nights and special events (not for the office - strong projection)
    » for fall and winter (too heavy to wear on warm or humid days)
    » strong projection and has eight (8) plus hours of wear

    In the heart you will encounter a leather accord which is rich, animalic and sensual, and blends perfectly with the sweet, woody, green accords of birch. A subtle note of licorice adds a lightly sweet, soft, spicy scent that is intoxicating.

    An intense oud presents itself in the dry down with its rich, musky, woody scent that lingers for hours. The oud note takes center stage, but also supports the earthy, woody, and smoky notes of vetiver and cedar wood. Olibanum spices things up with its fresh balsamic, somewhat green, woody and spicy aroma, giving this fragrance a deep and aromatic experience. RICH OUD smells incredibly luxurious and enthralling, and its scent has been known to uncover hidden desires.

    Gender Profile: Masculine

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Notes: Black Pepper, Incense and Coffee
    • Heart Notes: Licorice, Leather and Birch
    • Base Notes: Oud, Vetiver, Cedar Wood and Olibanum

    Fragrance Category: Oriental Oudh