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Modern dark smoky addictive perfume, men and women will both enjoy wearing it.

A dark gothic rooty vetiver scent in the opening blended with birch tar, patchouli, and other resins. BLACK OUD smells smoky, balsamic, woody- camphoric, like the gradual decline of a pine resinous forest in the twilight. The rooty vetiver is noticeable in the opening for longer than an hour until the birch tar becomes more noticeable but the game is between the vetiver and the birch tar. Like a cat and dog chasing each other. An enjoyable fragrance with moderated projection, not too strong but also not too weak, you offend people around you.

BLACK OUD Eau de Parfum, is a spiced-up new scent, in which The House of Khalis has infused it with Madagascar black pepper and Somalian incense, with essences of leather, licorice, birch tar and pepperwood. The result? A swoon-inducing trip into the smokey, spiritual world of incense, touched by the solar warmth of pepper and cedar wood. The licorice note adds a touch of cleansing 'eternalness' and, at times, feels uplifting. And in the end, you're left in a dizzying spell of delight. Dark and mysterious, yet ultimately calm and reassuring.

Gender Profile: Unisex

Olfactory Information:

  • Black Pepper, Incense, Leather, Liquorice, Birch Tar, Pepperwood, Cedarwood and Vetiver.

Fragrance Category: Oriental Oudh

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andra Washington
Great Product

I really love the smell of this product and if you continue this type of service, you will have a customer for life. The packaging alone made me want to purchase products from your company again. I will be exploring more and different fragrances from your collection and hope to do business with you again. Keep up the good work.

Julio C Rodriguez Garcia

I don't received it

Smokey Richness

A wonderful smokiness and rich scent that wears well for all occasions. Very pleased with this purchase.

Maqbool Tahir
Broken bottle cap with spill in the box

The perfume bottle cap was broken and looks very old. Perfume was spilled all over in the box. Absolutely not satisfied.

Theresa Chiaverini
Black oud

Just as described; different but nice! 👍