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  • ANAAB EDP - 100 ML


    Anaab is a sensual gourmand fragrance for women. This fragrance opens with a delectable kiwi note that is citrusy and light, with a touch of sweetness. It blends perfectly with the fruity aquatic notes of litchi and luscious red fruits. The notes are as realistic as taking a bite out of the freshly plucked fruit itself. The experience is so delightful, it almost feels forbidden.

    As the fruity notes tease your senses, you notice something smooth and creamy emerging from the heart of this fragrance. Chocolate and creamy vanilla awaken your sweet tooth, and satisfy you with their rich and smooth accords. The exotic notes of orchid and sweet jasmine blend seamlessly with the other notes creating a dreamy and deeply satisfying experience.

    In the base of this fragrance, your senses will be aroused by the intoxicating scent of white musk that is reminiscent of warm skin. The orris note stands out with Its powdery aroma that is undeniable and is similar to a soft suede. Finally, the woody accords give this fragrance depth and balance making it a must have for the gourmand lover.

    ANAB is part of Ahmed Al Maghribi Discovery Set 1, you can try it along with several other great parfums in that category.

    Gender Profile: Feminine

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top note: Kiwi, Litchi, Red fruits
    • Middle note: Chocolate, Vanilla, Orchid, Jasmine
    • Base note: Orris, White Musk, Woody accords