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    Introducing MAZYOON .68 Fl Oz / 20 mL Concentrated Perfume Oil

    MAZYOON, with an olfactive profile of Spiced Gourmand, Oud, and Citrus, shares a distinctive scent experience akin to PEARLANERA's EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY version, MAZYOON.

    MAZYOON Eau de Parfum, a creation by Mr. Aldikheel, is a truly unique fragrance designed to serve dual purposes. Firstly, it stands as the first-ever Middle Eastern (Mastika) gourmand fragrance, and secondly, it complements layering with incense and/or oud oils.

    In the words of Aldikheel himself, "Where my introvert personality prevents me from conveying much of what I have to say, I find my blend of MAZYOON says it all to anyone around me..."

    Mastic, known as mastika in Greek, is a spice derived from the resin of the mastic tree. This spice, widely used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, is crafted from the resin, which is collected, dried, and prepared for sale in both whole and ground forms.

    Olfactory Information:
    • Complex (Oud, Citrus, Sugar and loads of Mastika)
    MAZYOON eau de parfum, a unisex blend, is part of the Collezione Orientare Intense (Intense Oriental Blends Collection), a carefully curated set of fragrances that will allow you to explore a unique olfactive aspect of our creations. The series includes:
    • MAZYOON 100mL (Spiced Gourmand · Oud · Citrus)
    • AROUB 100mL (Fresh · Spicy · Green · Aquatic)
    • SHAGRA 100mL (Gourmand · Sweet · Spiced Powder)
    • MOHRA 100mL (Fresh Spice · Oud · Citrus)
    • ANFASS 100mL (Oud · Green · Mastika · Spice)
    PEARLANERA is a distinguished perfume brand celebrated for its commitment to crafting exceptional fragrances. Our creations are meticulously formulated, each bottle holding a masterpiece of scent. With a focus on Concentrated Perfume Oil, we redefine luxury in fragrance, offering a long-lasting, true-to-scent experience that sets us apart from traditional spray-based perfumes.

    Concentrated Perfume Oil vs. Spray Based Perfumes:
    MAZYOON is part of our exclusive alcohol-free Concentrated Perfume Oil (CPO) collection, renowned for its longer-lasting fragrance. Unlike traditional spray-based perfumes, CPOs provide a more intense and enduring scent experience. Just a small application of this exquisite oil goes a long way, enveloping you in a captivating aura that lingers throughout the day.