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  • HIRFAH EDP - 75 ML


    HIRFAH is a unisex fragrance with bright and refreshing notes, making this perfect for women and men with dazzling personalities. The sweet lime mixed with green apple, is tantalizingly tart and slightly sweet. The wearer will lust after the luscious fruitiness of this fragrance, and will be captivated by the soft lavender accords. The lavender note adds a sense of calm and melts away the stresses of the day.

    In the heart you are met with deeper notes of wood and pine. The pine is wonderfully crisp, spicy, outdoorsy and invigorating, while the woody note adds richness, warmth, elegance and depth. Geranium and magnolia adds a symphony of floral ecstasy that is both alluring and mysterious. The geranium is soft but potent, with its warm green scent, and the magnolia is sweet, lightly fruity, with a note similar to that of champagne.

    The dry down is breathtaking with base notes of amber, musk, sandalwood, oud and patchouli. These notes compliment each other and work to create a memorable fragrance that makes a statement. The musk and amber notes are sensual and add depth, while sandalwood offers a more exotic, creamy, smooth, and warm experience. One cannot overlook the sweet, spicy and musky accord of patchouli, and the sensual, smoky, and dark scent of oud, making HIRFAH a great choice for men or women who want a fragrance that compliments their dazzling personalities.

    HIRFAH is part of Ahmed Al Maghribi Discovery Set 5, you can try it along with several other great parfums in that category.

    Gender Profile: Unisex

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Note: Sweet Lime, Lavender, Green Apple
    • Middle Note: Wood, Geranium, Pine, Magnolia
    • Base Note: Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Oud, Patchouli