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  • Oud Maktum EDP - 80ML

    Oud Maktum is a unisex fragrance suitable for daytime, presented in our premium gold packaging. This is a fragrance that lets the treasured notes of oud cascade around you throughout the day, leaving a warm and woody signature scent behind.

    Oud Maktum opens with the aroma of sought-after Cambodian Oud. Deep and golden, this most prized agarwood tells you that this is a very special scent journey. At the heart of the fragrance, Indian oud merges with Cambodian oud, making for a robust and memorable accord. The base is a rich, long lasting agarwood skin scent, showcasing these precious ouds in all their glory.

    Oud Maktum is available as a 80ml eau de parfum.

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