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45 Variant Mamoul and Muattar Incense Discovery Set


We understand how hard it is to try something new, especially when its a blind-buy bakhoor or one that is based purely based on written/video reviews. To make your exploration of our exotic creations easier, we are now offering a comprehensive Bakhoor Discovery Set, which contains all 45 variants of our newly released incense range in both the Mamoul and Muattar Range.

This new collection from "BAKHOOR by Scent of Arabia" was developed around Oriental, French, Asian and hybrids of multi cultural influences.

Once recieved, it would take you over a month to truly appreciate the differences of this vast collection. At the end of that discovery journey, you will surely fall in love with some awesome hidden gems.

Consider downloading this discovery set's brochure to learn more about each of the 45 variants contained within this collection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I have recieved three bakhoor samples today : Muattar Oud Rose Vanilla, Muattar Velvet Musk, and Mammol Basma. Thanks for your generosity Maison d'orient! I have just tried Mammol Basma. The scent is adorable and long lasting too. I have been using bakhoor and musk from Swiss Arabian ( or Maison d' orient) for several years now and never been disappointed. There products are always above the expectations. My mom loved the smell of their bakhoor and we always use it during Ramadan gatherings. I can't wait to try the other 42 scents of this bakhoor collection. Keep it up !

Theresa Chiaverini

WOW! Was not expecting so much fragrances; majorly surprised 👍
Highly recommend 🤗

45 Incense Discovery Set

I've been using Swiss Arabian bakhoor for several years because the variety and quality are excellent. This massive new Maison d'Orient collection is unbelievable! So far, I've burned 14 of the samples and I want to buy every one. If you enjoy high quality, long lasting bakhoor, you'll want to experience this adventure!

I never received it

I love all of maison d’ orients bakhoors and muattars. However, I never received this particular discovery set. It wasn’t with the rest of my order. But I’m sure it is amazing, as they never disappoint in the quality department.

Yvonne Neskey
45 Variant Mamoul and Muattar Incense Discovery Set?

I have bought a few things from the company, all well packaged and fast delivery. I just started the Incense set, but love trying all the different samples, different smells! I have never had any problems. Love them!!