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JAWAD AL LAYL SILVER I is a masculine roll-on concentrated perfume oil crafted for men who are outgoing and enjoy the company of others. It opens with green leaves that are fresh and sweet which gives this fragrance a crisp and refreshing scent. There is also a ripe, sweet note of strawberry that merges with a tart and slightly metallic note of pineapple. The result is a tantalizing fruit cocktail of sweet, ripe accords.

The heart is dreamy with florals that are dazzling and aromatic. Jasmine gives this fragrance a bit of sweetness which blends nicely with a powdery rose accord. There is also a violet note which has a slight candy-like nuance giving this fragrance a subtle yet elegant aroma.

The base dries down to a bold and opulent patchouli which is slightly sweet and dark with a musky-earthy nuance that adds depth and dimension. There is also a raspberry accord which is slightly tart and jammy sweet. It blends beautifully with a creamy musk accord to create a velvety blanket of luxury. If you love bright and outgoing types of fragrances then JAWAD AL LAYL SILVER is the perfect choice for you.

Gender Profile: Masculine

Olfactory Information:
  • Top Notes: Green Leaves, Strawberry and Pineapple
  • Middle Notes: Rose, Jasmin and Violet
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Musky, Raspberry
Fragrance category: Floral, Oriental, Fruity and Musk

Customer Reviews

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Roxanne Farrar

I bought one for myself and one for my mother. We love them!!! They smell wonderful and the fragrance lasts a long time too. Unique perfumes like these are special, much better than massed produced brands at department stores. Plus visiting this shop itself is such a nice treat. The proprietors are lovely and make you feel right at home!