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    KHALIS AL MALEKI KING is a unisex fragrance that is gender neutral. Don’t let the name of this fragrance fool you, a queen can wear this with confidence! It has been crafted for men and women who want to smell like royalty. It opens with a bright note of grapefruit which is citrusy and tart, and a sunny note of mandarin that is zesty, fresh and juicy. Wafts of a powdery rose fill your senses with its sweet and spicy nuances. The unique sea note is fresh, cold, foamy, and reminiscent of sea waves. You will feel as if you are sitting on a terrace near the ocean and breathing in the exhilarating salty sea air, while sweet fruity accords and rose notes add an aromatic experience.

    » crafted for men and women who want to smell like royalty
    » for most occasions and can be easily worn as a signature scent
    » does well in most climates with moderate projection that lasts six (6) plus hours

    In the heart jasmine gives richness and intensity to this fragrance with its sweet floral note that has a dead-sexy muskiness to it. There is also a subtle note of bay leaf which is green, herbal and has whispers of oregano and thyme, and if you smell closely, you will notice subtle hints of flowers.

    You will enjoy a luxurious dry down with notes of guaiac wood, oakmoss and ambergris. The guaiac wood is sweet, balsamic, vanilla-like, smoky and leathery with seductive nuances. The oakmoss is inky, bitter-smelling with a foresty essence that blends well with the skin-like salty and warm effect of ambergris. KHALIS AL MALEKI KING is an intensely rich fragrance that will compliment your inner king or queen.

    Gender Profile: Unisex

    Olfactory information:

    • Top Notes: Grapefruit, Sea Notes, Mandarin and Rose
    • Heart Notes: Bay Leaves and Jasmine
    • Base Notes: Guaiac Wood, Oak Moss and Ambergris

    Fragrance Category: Oriental (Fruity/Woody)