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KHALIS Complete Discovery Set Collection [Best Value] (59 Vials)

The "Complete KHALIS Discovery Set" is a carefully curated set of sample fragrances that will allow you to explore the entire range of our KHALIS fragrance creations. The 59 vials collection offers plenty of usage opportunity to fully test and turn heads with complements while you do so.

The 12 Sets included in this Full Collection are:


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Arthur G
Khalis Complete Discovery Set Collection

Khalis EDP complete discovery set
These are all quality perfumes of a wide variety to sample. Give the feminine sets to female friends and relatives to try and for them to use as travel size perfumes.
Now my personal masculine choices ....
Bold and dark - #23 Interlude, #30 The King
Bright, fresh, complex - #24 Khalis Al Rijal, #31 Khalis Silver Royal
Winter, clingy - #32 Khalis Gold Royal, #54 Wow Oud
Personal Favourites - #50 Oud Khalifa (I call this Shaghaf Noir ) #55 Oud Afgano ( not quite smooth Oud and not too earthy )
Gourmand - #47 Jawad Al Layl Gold ( my notes say dark and yummy ) #38 Zulfa ( has a peach like note, would not wear this one in public myself but it certainly can be used for private meditation.

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Many Choices!

I haven’t gone though all of the scents but so far we enjoy all that we have tried and that’s why MAISON de Orient keeps getting our money!