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Muattar Oud Infiniti (Intense) 50g


Semi-Oriental Signature Home Bakhoor

This home bakhoor has delicate and uplifting fresh lemon notes which is accompanied by delicate aromatic fumes of citrus and spices to entice your senses.

Muattar Oud Infiniti is designed to deliver a signature bakhoor with hints of oriental nuances without the heavy woody profile, making this an ideal atmospheric choice for workouts and ritual relaxation.

Olfactory notes;

  • Lemon, Rose, Geranium, Raspberry, Plum, Amber, Agarwood, Musk and Pachouli

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Customer Reviews

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Tera Davis
Nostalgic, Beautiful, Sweet, Warm, Tinder Box

I received this as a sample packet and I was immediately taking back in time to a place where all was well and sweet, and warm. This fragrance reminds me of a store called the Tinder Box and I loved going in there as a child with my grandfather. It reminded me of his pocket watch, warm sweet cigars, and moroccan vibes. I could not purchase the full size quick enough. Please if you are a fan of these type of smells, purchase now!