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Musk Al Arais Bakhoor 40g


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Swiss Arabian perfumes proudly present our New Packaging in Bakhoor Category – Musk Al Arais.

The fragrance opens with a note of Musky, Florals. This is followed by Fruity Florals. The base notes include Musk, Amber and Sweet notes.

  • Top Notes: Musky, Floral
  • Middle Notes: Floral, Fruity
  • Base Notes: Musky, Ambery, Sweet

How to use:

Place this Bakhoor onto a hot charcoal or electric our burner to release its gorgeous scent and fill the room with a magical, alluring and long lasting aroma that permeates the clothes, furniture, curtains and exudes a welcoming, fresh aroma for all who enter.

Note: Do not discard any remnant Bakhoor powder in the pouch when done. Depending on the quantity remaining, sprinkle it on the last cube used or use it all together in a session by itself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Isaiah Colter

Has my house smelling GREAT

Micky pandit
Wallahi Smell of Jannah!

Terrific fragnant aroma, reminds me of luxory hotels in the Middle east. Long lasting and no after burn smokey smell.

Musk Al Arias Bakhoor

I love it! The bakhoor was fresh and moist and the perfumed smoke delightful and perfect to layer with attars and perfumes. A bit similar to musk Tahara in it's aroma.

Nabiha Clayton
I love the smell of every box of bakhoor I got

I will definitely keep on buying bakhoor from you guys but I wished you to send me some samples of your perfume too.

asmea errabah
Best product ever

I recommend you to buy from this company...great product, fast shipping and Good customer service. Definitely i will buy from them again.