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Oud Blend 80 (Experimental) - 6mL CPO

Limited Experimental Release (from our Perfumers' work-bench)

You'll appreciate fun emanations from "Oud Blend 80" in oil form. A remarkable chimera which will invite you in the following accords: Floral, Boisé, Oud, Mukhallat and Oriental flair. The graceful blending of Frankincense, Honey and Agarwood is something worthy of sharing with our fans for feedback.

With an ethereal note of Luban to start, and a warm honey heart, "Oud Blend 80" finishes on the warm, precious note of a signature selection of Agarwood. Uniquely crafted by our perfumer, a loving gift to our customers: ‘From our passion to your Heart.’

Gender Profile: Unisex

Olfactory information:
  • Top Note: Frankincense
  • Heart Note: Sweet Balsamic Honey
  • Base Note: Agarwood (Oud)

Every artisan blend batch is unique;
We use natural ingredients in our niche perfumes and fragrance oils. Because the climatic and seasonal conditions during harvest tend to change, the properties of the aroma and colour of the fragrance will change, resulting in slight variations in the product itself or its colour.

Customer Reviews

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Nazeima Mohammed
Beautiful scents

The oils are very beautiful scented.

It's growing on me.

Very sharp at first, but evens out into a pleasant and rather fresh oudy frag. I'm not as keen on this one (as I'm not a fan of sharp notes), but it's actually growing on me. It's not what I expected by the note listing, but will keep this around for summer use.

Excellent Aroma - Super Fragrance!

Blend 80 is marvelous. The fragrance is so wonderful. I hope that this will soon be offered as a cologne or in larger bottles. I liked this the first time that I smelled it. So rich and fragrant.