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Bakhoor Sample Kit (21 Variety Combo)

We understand how hard it is to try something new, especially when its a blind-buy bakhoor or one that is based purely based on written/video reviews. To make your exploration of our exotic creations easier, we are now offering a Swiss Arabian's Bakhoor Sample Kit, which contains a single application of just about our entire bakhoor range for a very reasonable value.

The sample kit contains enough agarwood chips, muattar, bakhoor and resin for a single burning application:

  • Indian Oud Wood (Agarwood)
  • Bakhoor Al Karam and Naseem (New)
  • Dukhoon Al Jazeera
  • Dukhoon Al Haram
  • Muattar Angham
  • Muattar Mumtaz, Al Majlis and Sultan
  • Mukhalat Malaki Muattar and Bakhoor Tablets
  • Kashkha Oud Muattar and Bakhoor Tablets
  • Bait Al Arab and Bakhoor Al Rahma
  • All 8 Al Arais (Resin Bakhoors): Mukhalat Al Arais, Oud Al Arais, Sahret Al Arais, Bakhoor Al Arais, Leilat Al Arais, Reehat Al Arais, Asrar Al Arais and Musk Al Arais

Bonus: Sample Roll (free) of our very own premium charcoal briquette which contains 10 discs to enjoy burning some of these incense in the traditional way using your burner.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Customer Reviews

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      Bakhoor Sample Kit

      New to this wonderful form of creating a welcoming scent in your house. The scents last so long and it really makes everything in your home smell amazing. I love to hold it close and allow it to envelop my hair and clothes. It adds a very earthy, smokey scent to your scents and oils that you are wearing. Love it and it's so calming ❤️

      Quantity is less compared to price

      I did not like the samples. It was hard to burn in electric bakhoor machine. Powdered ones burned too quickly.


      I have not burned them as of yet. The fragrances are wondrous. The scents are not overpowering....swafts of beautiful aromas. The scents blend well in the package; and can also hold their own as well.


      Wow! Such good quality perfumes. I love the oils. I will be buying from this company from now on!


      These perfumes smell so good! They send you SO MANY samples. There was only about 3 that wasn’t my type and my friend loved them! I highly recommend