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  • July 03, 2019 4 min read 0 Comments

    What’s the most masculine fragrance? Well, that rather depends on how you define masculinity. In truth, it’s a slightly outdated concept; but nonetheless, it’s a useful term when you’re discussing fragrance.

    In this article, we’ll be exploring the facts behind masculine perfume, and examining exactly what makes a scent fit this category. And, if you’re looking for information on the best masculine cologne for men, you’ve come to the right place.


    The first question is seemingly simple – what makes a masculine aftershave? There are certain fragrances that we instinctively brand as ‘for men’, but why is that? It’s an interesting question, and not one that has an easy answer.

    Typically, male colognes are defined as having the following qualities:

    • They’re often ‘rugged’ and earthy
    • They’re usually potent and attention-grabbing
    • They can remind people of natural surroundings, like lush green fields or sparkling mountain lakes
    • They’re sometimes considered arousing, especially by romantic partners

    Ultimately, however, it’s just something indefinable. It’s that particular type of scent that makes you say ‘that’s for men’, rather than for women… an elusive concept that’s hard to put your finger on.


    There’s no hard-and-fast rule as to what ingredients feature in masculine perfume for men. However, there are some that tend to appear in lots of bestselling fragrances, which demonstrates their clear macho appeal.

    • Citrus. Of all the fruits, citrus varieties are the most commonly found in male scents. Bergamot, which has a tangy, slightly bitter aroma, is one such ingredient. Sicilian lemon is also popular, and occasionally, you’ll see lime, orange or exotic mandarin.
    • Tonka bean. Tonka bean is often a base note in scents for men. Most masculine perfume makers use it to add depth and complexity; it’s a rich, slightly enticing scent, that provides a useful counterbalance for other, lighter ingredients.
    • Sandalwood and patchouli. These two woody ingredients can often be found as base notes too. Many masculine cologne scents (like our version of Viking) use these aromas to add some serious intrigue. They carry a hint of the Far East with them, reminding the wearer of warm summer evenings.
    • Herbs. In recent years, herbs have enjoyed something of a renaissance in the world of masculine perfume. Now, we’re seeing a lot more fragrances featuring herby scents like myrtle, juniper and thyme, which add real earthiness and authenticity.
    • Peppercorn. Pepper is another ingredient that’s becoming increasingly popular in masculine cologne scents. It’s no wonder, really – the unusual bite of this spice is immediately recognisable; something that men often appreciate in their fragrance.


    A scent should reflect who you are, and what you stand for – regardless of your gender. By all means, if you love the manly, powerful fragrances then go for it. But don’t feel you have to choose these types of perfume, simply because ‘most men do’.

    In fact, some men prefer a subtler masculine aftershave; something that isn’t quite so rugged and bold. Fragrances like Chanel Bleu and Millesime capture this perfectly – they’re smoother and more refined; which makes them ideal for special occasions, or for going out in the evening.

    It pays to do your research. There are countless reviews online, explaining what different male fragrances smell like. This gives you some insight into what to expect, which is always useful when you’re making a final buying decision.


    This is an impossible question to answer, as opinions are so subjective. However, here’s some insight into Swiss Arabians Fragrances’ bestselling options:

    Fadeitak (for Him), a tribute to eternal and selfless love, Fadeitak is a tale of sweet moments and the simple pleasures of life. The fragrance captures the intense experience of falling in love, in its entire range of emotions. Fadeitak is an a oriental/spicy fragrance with composition of Agarwood, Amber, Musk, Pepper, Spices and Woody Notes. Great for everyday wear and special occasions

    Shaghaf Oud Abyad (for Him), is a spicy balsamic fragrance that encapsulates passion and virtue. A classic ‘macho’ and ‘cave man’ scent. It opens with wide-awake top notes of piquant pepper, zesty bergamot and fresh oregano. This invigorating start leads into a rich, resinous territory at the heart of the scent. With smoky incense, silky amber and the leathery floral notes of labdanum, your fragrant journey is gently led by precious myrrh into the deep and long-lasting finale. This is the signature that you leave behind: an enticing accord of sandalwood, earthy patchouli and leather, topped with a golden crown of cherished oud.

    Attar Al Ghutra (for Him) is one of the few scents that openly shouts about its predominant aroma! If you’re looking for the epitome of leather-scented fragrance for men, this is undoubtedly the one to choose. It not only features strong leather notes, but also a gentle hint of Frankincense, Jasmine and Patchouli. These ingredients serve to elevate the scent, preventing it from becoming too heavy. As such, it’s a great option for day-to-night wear.

    It can be tricky knowing which fragrance to select. That’s why investing in a few best seller samples is a great idea. Each bottle has enough applications for you to test in a range of different situations, which means you’ll find it much easier to find the perfect male perfume for you.