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  • August 22, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

    Perfumes are the perfect way to personalize your beauty routine. From the signature fragrance you wear daily to the scent you chose for special occasions or a romantic evening with the one you love. Most of us are familiar with alcohol-based eau de parfum sprays, so you might be wondering what makes your new Swiss Arabian concentrated perfume oil unique? Once you make the switch to a CPO you will never go back!

    A True Signature Scent

    As we like to say, some fragrances last all day, and others stay with you forever! Your perfume oil will quickly become your signature scent. As a concentrate it won’t smell anything like it does in the bottle, meaning you must dab, but don’t rub, a bit on your wrist, pat your wrists together—and let it sit for 5 minutes for the full aromatics to bloom. Then see what it smells like. Each of our perfumes smells similar but unique from one person to the next.

    An Intimate Fragrance

    If you enjoy perfume but never want your fragrance to diffuse around you or leave a trail as you go about your day, CPOs are a better choice. As an oil it won’t evaporate in the air in the same manner as alcohol-based sprays, instead remaining close to your skin. While you will be able to enjoy your aroma, those around you won’t notice your scent unless they are up close and personal. This makes your new fragrance and intimate option that you can select both for yourself to enjoy and as your date night scent. It also means you can easily wear your fragrance in professions where heavy parfums are discouraged.

    No Reapplication Required

    Most eau de parfums last between 4 to 5 hours before they fade away, but perfume oils last between 6 and 10 hours—longer when indoors and they will fade faster when out and about in hot or humid weather. The only thing you will need to be mindful of is that you may go nose blind to your new daily fragrance. So, before you reapply have a trusted friend smell your wrist and let you know if your scent is still blooming.

    A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

    Another challenge with more traditional eau de parfums is that concentration varies. One spray of one scent is enough while others you need to spray 2 or more times to achieve your fragrance goals. With perfume oils you simply use the dipper stick to apply one to three drops to your wrists. Pat it together to help it bloom, and you will be set for the day. For a more targeted approach apply to your wrist then dab to your wrist to your neck or behind your ears as a romantic surprise for the one you love.

    As you can see, Swiss Arabian has a diverse range of CPOs to choose from. Select your perfume by category or gender, but many of our fragrances are unisex!