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Blissful Escape is a unique volume set of coloring projects for adult designed to help relive stress. Unlike traditional coloring books, these volumes are comprised of individualized (unbound) pages made of Kraft paper with both a natural Kraft (tan) shade on one and a white coated surface on the other.

Each Blissful Escape volume consists of 40 dual sided illustrations on independent pages that are just waiting for you to evoke with colors. The package also contains blank papers to test your colors.

Bring out your imagination, arouse your senses and creativity, and as you become engaged in the pleasurable, soothing activity of Coloring, it calms you and instantaneously starts reducing your stress level.

Go ahead, pick up your first coloring tool and start your journey towards a blissful escape from the everyday stress of life.

Volume Titles Include:

  • Animals and Birds
  • Floral Design Patterns
  • Owl Illustrations
  • Arabic Calligraphy
  • A Medley of Patterns
  • Mandala Patterns
  • Abstract Art Patterns
  • The Design Studio (Fashion Related)

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