Alcohol Free Perfumes from Swiss Arabian Oud and Perfume

The alcohol free fragrances at Beauty Base are suitable for those with sensitive skin, and the perfume oil collection is ideal for those seeking deliciously strong scents that last all day. Presented in beautiful packaging, the alcohol free perfumes in this collection would make suitable gifts for Ramadan or Eid. Our excellent range of alcohol free perfumes are a fine display of conscientious Halal perfume brands which provide distinctive scents from botanical elements. Perfume without alcohol also reduces any skin dryness that may occur with typical fragrances. Enjoy the practicality of the roll on fragrances in this range which are perfect for popping in your handbag and topping up your scent throughout the day. Discover the inviting scents of Swiss Arabian, Arabian Oud, Al Haramain, Alshaya, Rasasi, Ajmal and Nabeel which tantalise with sultry blends of cashmere wood, jasmine and musk. The concentrated perfume oil in this collection of alcohol free perfume is free from dyes and chemicals and contains natural, safe ingredients for an intense long lasting fragrance. Plus, take advantage of our complimentary gift wrapping and our alcohol free perfumes which are perfect Eid presents or gifts for Ramadan!