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  • ASRAR AL BANAT 20 ML OIL (Roll On)

    Immerse yourself in the delightful essence of ASRAR AL BANAT, a concentrated perfume oil (CPO) roll-on by ALRIYAD, captured in a luxurious 20ML bottle. This fragrance is a tribute to the enchanting mystery of femininity, weaving a tapestry of scents that is as alluring as the secrets of women. With a masterful blend of floral, fruity, and gourmand notes, it promises a journey through a garden of earthly delights.


    • A delightful blend of floral, fruity, and gourmand notes in a luxurious roll-on form.
    • Evokes the freshness of orchards and the sweetness of summer fruits with a warm, inviting base.
    • Perfect for the joyful and elegant woman, suitable for daily wear in spring and summer.
    • A unique and captivating fragrance experience that stands out in the realm of feminine perfumery.

    The adventure begins with a lively burst of Orange and Mandarin, their zesty sweetness kissed by the crispness of Green Notes, evoking the freshness of a sunlit orchard. This vibrant opening sets the stage for a heart brimming with the sumptuousness of Jasmine, intertwined with the lusciousness of Strawberry, Peach, and Raspberry. Each spray releases the essence of summer fruits and blooming flowers, creating an intoxicating bouquet that captures the spirit of endless youth and joy.

    The journey culminates in a base where the earthy depth of Moss and Cedar meets the soft, sensual whispers of Musk, all sweetened by a delectable Gourmand accord. This foundation lays a warm and inviting trail, a harmonious blend that comforts as much as it intrigues.

    ASRAR AL BANAT is a fragrance that finds its counterparts in the realm of high-end perfumery, where the fusion of floral, fruity, and gourmand notes creates a similarly captivating allure. However, its unique composition and the personal touch of a roll-on form set it apart, offering an intimate and lasting fragrance experience.

    Perfect for the woman who embodies joy, elegance, and a hint of mystery, this perfume oil is ideal for daily wear, lending itself beautifully to the warmth of spring and summer days. Whether it's a casual outing or a special event, ASRAR AL BANAT adds a touch of sweetness and sophistication, making every moment memorable.

    Olfactory Profile:

    • Top: Orange, Mandarin, Green Notes
    • Middle: Jasmine, Strawberry, Peach, Raspberry
    • Base: Moss, Musk, Cedar, Gourmand