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Musk Tahara ♀️♂️

Musk Tahara begins delicately floral with violets and lilies accompanied by vanilla, which is rather in the background. White lotus blossoms, white musk and honey form the heart and base note.

Musk Tahara (مسك الطهارة) is more than just a perfume; it's an experience. Its creamy, lotion-type consistency indulges the skin with every use, making it much more luxurious than a conventional perfume spray.

Ideal usage is after a shower/bath and while the body is slightly damp.

The powdery white musk fragrance is also more potent than conventional perfumes, as it's never diluted with water and alcohol. Every drop lets you delight in the scents of floral notes, warm vanilla and white musk.

A favorite in the East, Musk Tahara Perfume Oil appeals to both men and women alike. Get yourself a bottle now and see why it's such a sensation.

Notes: Floral, Vanilla, White Musk

Every artisan blend batch is unique;
We use natural ingredients in our niche perfumes and fragrance oils. Because the climatic and seasonal conditions during harvest tend to change, the properties of the aroma and colour of the fragrance will change, resulting in slight variations in the product itself or its colour.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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tonya ebron
Musk Tahar

It was not what I expected. It smelled kind of cheap.

wesal ramadan
Musk Tahara

Swiss Arabia you have changed my mind about musk, wasn’t my favorite! Now since I tried musk Tahara it’s my favorite, I recommend it highly, clean and fresh.

Yris Diaz sanchez
Orden 4 botle layali sister end 2 white musk

Disappointed of the four fragrances a bottle with nothing, I can't say it spilled if they never packed anything, that apart from my order 2 white musk and I received 2 tahara musk if they didn't have the product better not to send it

Temur Memon

I just didn’t like the smell

Musk Tahara

Love the scent. Only thing I don't like is when you first put it on your skin it's sticky and takes a while to dry on your skin. That needs to improve.