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  • PLAYFUL OUD 20 ML OIL (Roll On)

    Unveil the essence of joy and intrigue with PLAYFUL OUD, a distinctive concentrated perfume oil (CPO) roll-on from ALRIYAD. Encased in a sleek 20ML bottle, this fragrance is a delightful dance of contrasts, designed for the spirited soul who delights in the unexpected. It is a unisex treasure that bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary flair, making it a versatile choice for men and women alike.


    • A unique blend of spicy, floral, and oriental woody notes in a roll-on form.
    • Begins with the boldness of pepper, softens into the romance of rose, and deepens with the warmth of amber, oud, and musk.
    • A unisex fragrance that celebrates playfulness and sophistication.
    • Perfect for evening wear and cooler months, for the individualist in everyone.

    The journey of PLAYFUL OUD begins with a bold, spicy kick of Pepper, instantly capturing attention and stirring curiosity. This lively opening note sets the stage for the heart of the fragrance, where the classic romance of Rose unfolds. The floral sophistication of the middle note offers a soft, enchanting counterpoint to the initial spice, weaving a narrative of complexity and charm.

    As the fragrance settles, a warm and sensual base of Amber, Oud, and Musk emerges, grounding the initial playfulness with a deep, resonant finish. The base notes blend together to create an oriental woody masterpiece that is both inviting and mysterious, offering a lasting impression that is hard to forget.

    PLAYFUL OUD shares olfactory kinship with fragrances that balance the boldness of spices and the depth of oud with the tenderness of floral notes, yet it stands alone with its unique ability to blend playfulness with sophistication.

    This perfume oil is perfect for those who embrace their individuality and express it with confidence. It is ideally worn during the evenings or cooler seasons, adding an extra layer of warmth and intrigue to any occasion.

    Olfactory Profile:

    • Top: Pepper
    • Middle: Rose
    • Base: Amber, Oud, Musk