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  • SHAIKHA 20 ML OIL (Roll On)


    SHAIKHA is a feminine roll-on concentrated perfume oil that was crafted for women who love deep, mysterious fragrances that enhance their enigmatic personalities. It opens with a note of elemi which has a sharp balsamic-spicy, and almost lemony scent. It blends nicely with a green rhubarb accord that is tart, zingy and sharp, but at the same time refreshing, sweet, and fruity.

    The heart is captivating and sensual with gorgeous florals. You will notice a sweet whisper of jasmine along with a powdery violet, as well as a geranium accord which is spicy, rosy, citrusy and fruity. Saffron begins to emerge with a strong, leathery, earthy, hay-like scent that adds dimension and depth.

    In the base there is a delectable toffee note that is slightly sweet and very addicting, and works beautifully with benzoin, which is sweet and smooth like vanilla. The moss and leather accords give this fragrance a dark and rich aroma that stands out and gives the wearer an air of mystery and intrigue. If you desire a fragrance that supports your mysterious and elusive personality, then you will enjoy SHAIKHA.

    Gender Profile: Feminine

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Notes: Elemi, Orange and Green Rhubarb
    • Middle Notes: Geranium, Jasmine, Violet, Saffron and Dry Woods
    • Base Notes: Benzoin, Toffee note, Moss and Leather

    Fragrance category: Oriental