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  • WAFI 20 ML OIL (Roll On)

    Introducing WAFI, a distinguished concentrated perfume oil (CPO) roll-on from ALRIYAD, encased in a refined 20ML bottle designed for the modern man who appreciates the depth and complexity of traditional scents reimagined with a contemporary twist. WAFI is an olfactory journey that evokes the essence of masculine elegance and timeless sophistication, with a composition that masterfully blends woody, ambery, and leather notes.


    • A sophisticated blend of woody, ambery, and leather notes in a convenient roll-on form.
    • Begins with a fresh burst of bergamot and caraway, unfolds into exotic saffron and olibanum, and settles into a rich base of tobacco, leather, and woods.
    • A signature scent for the modern man who values tradition and quality.
    • Perfect for evening wear and the cooler seasons, embodying elegance and masculinity.

    The journey begins with the bright, citrusy zing of Bergamot, immediately captivating the senses, paired seamlessly with the spicy, slightly sweet Caraway. This vibrant opening sets the stage for a heart of exotic Saffron and mystical Olibanum, offering a rich, complex middle that is both invigorating and grounding, speaking to the soul of the man who wears it.

    The base of WAFI unfolds into a luxurious tapestry of Tobacco and Leather, enriched with the resinous warmth of Benzoin, the natural earthiness of Cedarwood, the creamy depth of Sandalwood, the sophisticated blend of Cashmere Wood, the dry allure of Amber, and the subtle elegance of Powdery Musk. Together, these notes create a long-lasting impression that is both powerful and subtly seductive, a testament to the wearer's refined taste and strength of character.

    WAFI is reminiscent of fragrances that explore the depth of woody, ambery, and leather notes, finding its counterparts among scents celebrated for their complexity and masculine appeal. However, its unique blend and the personal touch of a roll-on form set it apart as a signature scent for the discerning man.

    Ideal for the man who commands respect and admiration, WAFI is suited for evening wear and the cooler months of autumn and winter, adding an extra layer of warmth and sophistication to any ensemble.

    Olfactory Profile:

    • Top: Bergamot, Caraway
    • Middle: Saffron, Olibanum
    • Base: Tobacco, Leather, Benzoin, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood, Dry Amber, Powdery Musk