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Swiss Arabian Samples Kits (Experience Our Creations)

 We understand how hard it is to try something new, especially when its a blind-buy or when there are so many options to choose from. To make your exploration of our exotic creations easier, we are now offering four distinct Swiss Arabian's Sample Kits;

Inside each sample collection, you'll find numerous samples of some of our most sought-after fragrances and bakhoors. Choose your favorite, and then take a journey through our exclusive and exotic creations.

Sample Kits to Consider

CPO (Concentrated Perfume Oil) Sample and Tester KitConcentrated Perfume Oils Kit Artisan Corner Perfume Oil Blends Sample and Tester KitArtisan Corner Blends Kit
EDP (Eau de Perfum) Sample and Tester KitEau De Perfum Sample Kit Arabian Bakhoor and Incense Sample and Tester KitBakhoor/Incense Sample Kit