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Bakhoor Al Naseem 96G

Invite the heavenly beauty of the garden closer to your heart with Bakhoor Al Naseem. Surrender to the joy of greenery, exotic petals and luscious plump blackcurrants. This mouth-watering feast heralds the entrance of dainty violets, heady jasmine and blushing pink Bulgarian roses. Smoky opoponax adds depth, wreathing you in a golden richness and melting seamlessly into creamy vanilla accords. A welcoming final act of precious oud, wisps of incense and feathery musks help you to succumb to pure pleasure as the exquisite aroma surrounds you.

Surrender to nature.

Olfactory Profile:
  • Top Notes: Black Currant and Bulgarian Rose
  • Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Violet
  • Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Oud
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Customer Reviews

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hirot bitew

Bakhoor Al Naseem 96G

Robert Pierce
First time customer

The staff was most helpful. So courteous! A delight to do business with. The product was perfect. The giftee was thrilled with it. Do business with these fine people!

Stephen Kelly

This Bakhoor is my favorite. Great scent and it lasts all day!

lisa walker
Nice smell

They smell very nice, but they advertised it in a jar which it came without a jar disappointed

Jeffrey Morris
Usual POSITIVE Review for me!

I LOVE this place, everything I buy is always incredible! The incense is pure and pleasant smelling! People from the street that pass my house smell it and ask me “ Why does your house always smell wonderful”.