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PEARLA·NERA Complete Discovery Collection (20 Vials)

The Complete PEARLA·NERA Discovery Collection is a carefully curated set of sample fragrances that will allow you to explore the below listed wonderfully crafted aspect of our creations. The vials offer plenty of usage opportunity to fully test and turn heads with complements while you do so. This set includes:

  1. BIANCA 100mL (Warm Spice · Sweet · White Floral)
  2. LUNA 100mL (Fruity · Aquatic · Green)
  3. DELIZIA 100mL (Floral · Musky · Fresh)
  4. SCINTILLA 100mL (Rose · Fresh Spice · Patchouli)
  5. BELINDA 100mL (Fruity Florals · Aquatic · Woody)
  6. DAREEN 100mL (Sweet Wood/Amber · Floral Rose)
  7. MALAK 100mL (Ambery Oud · Smoky Rose · Wood)
  8. SAMA 100mL (Warm Cinnamon · Citrus · Wood)
  9. SARAAI 100mL (Warm Amber · Oud · Smoky Musk)
  10. ALMAS 100mL (Oudy Amber· Spiced Citrus Florals)
  11. MAZYOON 100mL (Spiced Gourmand · Oud · Citrus)
  12. AROUB 100mL (Fresh · Spicy · Green · Aquatic)
  13. SHAGRA 100mL (Gourmand · Sweet · Spiced Powder)
  14. MOHRA 100mL (Fresh Spice · Oud · Citrus)
  15. ANFASS 100mL (Oud · Green · Mastika · Spice)
  16. FRESCO 100mL (Vanilla · White Florals · Amber)
  17. ATARAXIA 100mL (Warm Gourmand · Vanilla Coffee)
  18. HELIOS 100mL (Citrus Florals · Fresh Spice)
  19. PASSIONE 100mL (Sweet Oud · Woods · Cinnamon)
  20. BACETTO 100mL (Mildly Spiced · Floral Woods)

PEARLA·NERA is a collaborative creation developed by skilled perfumery artisans from Italy, Kuwait and the UAE who have created precious essences of the highest quality, designed to awaken or make people discover memories and sensations through the olfactory notes of fragrances.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bahya Victor

PEARLA·NERA Complete Discovery Collection (20 Vials)

Arthur G
Pearla Nera Complete Discovery Collection

Pearla Nera EDP sampler
Feminine to unisex perfume, they are like exquisite little songs *
The Floral set leans feminine as expected, think Belinda may have ambergris *
The Oriental set is balanced and pleasant, maybe more for casual or office ? Almas has an ambergris or animalistic note *
The Intense blends are more my style, they have a uniqueness that is difficult to describe without trying them out *
The Artisinal blends drag your nose into different directions, Ataraxia smells like baked cookies, Helios and Passione get extra kudos *
( Malak and Bacetto are listed as smokey in my notes ) *
Thank you for considering my opinion, hope that you find it useful !

Diana P.

I am enjoying going through the sets. I already have two favorites so far! There is something for everyone here. I think the quality is high.

Swapan Mukhopadhyay
Worst perpume

Fragnance is evaporating within a minute.

Margo Linton
New fragrances

I love all of them so far. I’m sure I will find my fragrance in this batch!!! Very excited to get through the rest of them.