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FAZZA, Roll On Perfume Oil 6 mL (.2 oz) | Floral, Woody and Spicy

  • BLEND: FAZZA is an Oriental Unisex Oil Perfume in roll-on form; The fragrance features Floral, Woody and Spicy aromas. Top notes of Ginger, Jasmine, Mandarin; Middle notes of Vanilla; Base notes of Amber, Sandalwood, Cashmer Wood, Maltol.
  • NATURAL PERFUME: Alcohol Free and Vegan; Swiss Arabian (as well as its ingredient supply partners) do NOT use any products that are sourced from animals nor perform testing on animals. Where such components are required, the best quality synthetic alternatives are used. An essential part of any oriental/occidental perfume enthusiasts' collection; Often used as a catalyst (layered with other scents).
  • SAMPLES AVAILABLE: If you would like to try Swiss Arabian's premium range of Concentrated Perfume Oils or our Hand Made Artisan Blends, consider ordering the CPO Samples Kits. We also have on offer a 21 Eau de Parfum Best Seller spray perfumes trial size set featuring our mens, womens and unisex fragrances.
  • PERFORMANCE: Long lasting with a great sillage rating. Olfactory fatigue, also known as nose-blindness, is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular scent after a prolonged exposure to it. It is a common occurrence with CPOs, such as this one. When you think that the scent has faded, ask a trusted friend to confirm if they still smell it on you. You will be surprised of their affirmative response when you actually still can not.
  • COLLECTION: Swiss Arabian offers a unique variety of exquisite, exotic and high quality designer fragrances in Concentrated Oil, Eau De Parfum selections for Men, Women and Unisex aficionados. Our range also extends to include Bakhoors, Incense, Dukhoon, Mukhallat and Oudh Attars; Each Luxurious perfume bottle is equal in elegance that will match the desired fragrance and occasion you are looking to experience.

PEARLA·NERA is a collaborative creation developed by skilled perfumery artisans from Italy, Kuwait and the UAE who have created precious essences of the highest quality, designed to awaken or make people discover memories and sensations through the olfactory notes of fragrances.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carmen Shaikh

I am just trying to find out what oils to use and I like the Fazza but not so much the other two.(floral woodsy& spicy. Thanks

Regis Fahmawi

Very nice spice fragrance . Floral and spice and a touch of wood makes this easy to wear. 0+

Leah S
Sweet amberette

This is nice, it is very western smelling. It does smell alot like Revlon's "Fire & Ice". I think it needs a little more sandalwood/musk added to it. Does not leak.

Daniel Lambrisky

FAZZA, Roll On Perfume Oil 6 mL (.2 oz) | Floral, Woody and Spicy