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Habshoosh ER8E 95ML CPO SA

Habshoosh is a delicate floral perfume brightened with a crisp, citrusy accord and resting upon an earthyfoundation. Base notes of oak moss, musk and patchouli ground this fragrance and provide a strong earthy accord for it to build upon. Sweet, delicate labdanum and heady, sensual rose damas introduce the 's signature floralcy in the heart of the fragrance. A second note of rose tops off the fragrance while a zesty note of bergamot gives the fragrance a bright, invigorating overtone. As a result, this perfume is sweet yet not overwhelming, making it a wonderful accessory for both casual and formal wear.

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khadija hashi

Habshoosh ER8E 95ML CPO SA

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Amber Marie Rodgers

This one is a beast!!! Initial was quite masculine but within 5 minutes it evolves and it's another beauty... A chameleon perfume oil.

Joseph Weymon
Earthy, zesty, rose!

This is one of my favorite attars from this house. It is a smooth & delicate rose married to an earthy, musky base. The citrus in the top gives it a fresh, zesty opening that gives way after about 20 minutes from application to the sensual dry down. Performance is excellent. I put some on at 730p before bed, & still smelled it pushing when I woke up at 4a the next morning; that's 8.5 hours later! It also performs admirably in the heat, & it really begins to create that scent bubble as you warm up. Sillage is moderate, maybe slightly past arms length, but it is definitely there. A must try if you like attars. My $0.02.

David Malinzak

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