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  • HASNA 20 ML OIL (Roll On)


    HASNA is a feminine roll-on concentrated perfume oil that was beautifully crafted to embody the strength and independence of a woman. This fragrance opens with a tart note of rhubarb balanced by a juicy peach accord which is ripe and tempting. There is also a note of rose that sits prominently on the skin, and feels like you are bathing in soft velvety petals picked from the most expensive roses.

    The heart is captivating with soft florals consisting of a sweet, green and rich smelling jasmine, a vegetal aquatic accent of hyacinth, and a soft, sweet, candy like accord of violet. They are lush and intoxicating as they blanket you in sensuality.

    The dry down has a note of moss which is earthy, woody and sensual and has hints of musk and amber. The musk accord resembles warm skin that’s been kissed by the sun, creating an animalic nuance that gives this fragrance depth and intensity. If you want a fragrance that will enhance the strength of a woman, then HASNA is the perfect choice.

    Gender Profile: Feminine

    Olfactory Information:
    Top Notes: Rhubarb, Peach and Rose
    Middle Notes: Jasmine, Hyacinth and Violet
    Base Notes: Moss, Animalic, Sweet and Musk

    Fragrance category: Oriental, Fruity, Amber and Wood