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Hayaam (Waaw Series) Unisex 50ML


Hayaam is a woody, leathery fragrance inspired by love that makes you lose yourself. Infatuation embraces your every thought and your eyes dazzle with brilliance at every glance you share. You are powerless to resist.

Dazzling citrus notes make your soul dance to the tune of your heartbeat and the radiance of your scent fills the room. The heat of clove from a faraway land adds an exotic spice to your soul as the fervour of your passion dances in your eyes. As your scent surrounds you with the ancient woods of the past and the smooth leather notes of the present, you know that you are lost in this love forever. The warm amber embraces you in its golden aura and whispers that this is the bliss you have been seeking.

Hayaam is a premium unisex fragrance leaning towards males. It is a day fragrance and can be worn all year round.

Lost in love.

Top Notes: Lemon
Middle Notes: Irish Clove
Base Notes: Leather, Woody, Amber

PEARLA·NERA is a collaborative creation developed by skilled perfumery artisans from Italy, Kuwait and the UAE who have created precious essences of the highest quality, designed to awaken or make people discover memories and sensations through the olfactory notes of fragrances.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is really something.
I'm a guy, I wear this fragrance in the winter time. It stays on a long time and has a really great trail to it but it's not offensive. The Amber and the slight leather note with the warm spices and all of the wood, has people complimenting me every single time I wear it. Last time I wore it a girl told me that I smelled "divine".
One of my absolute favorite fragrances of all time!
Warm, cozy, inviting, but with a SLIGHT masculine animal edge to it (AGAIN, SLIGHT. PERFECT)

The best

This is my favorite scent ever 🤍

Katherine V.
Great leather scent

This is a very unique leather scent that I really like in colder weather. It’s somewhat masculine in traditional terms but still unisex. It goes on a bit loud but settles down after a short time and lasts very well.

As another reviewer noted, this goes well with Amaani (I like to put a little in my hair when I wear this).

Michelle Scott

I have enjoyed the 2 perfumes I purchased from Swiss Arabian Perfumes. This scent is gorgeous. Swiss Arabian sends samples with each order; this is how a choose this scent. The shipping is timely. The customer service is great.

Hayaam edp

I LOVE this fragrance!!! It is exotic and clean. Mysterious and entrancing. Smells great layered over Amaani or Hayaa as well as alone. One of my favorites.