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    JAWAD AL LAYL GOLD is a unisex fragrance that is gender neutral. This fragrance has been crafted for men and women who love life and are open hearted. It opens with a gorgeous pineapple note that is juicy and fresh with a slightly tangy and metallic accord. It blends nicely with soft florals that smell like they were freshly picked from a lush garden.

    » the fruity opening to the musky dry down will leave you completely addicted
    » for most occasions and will leave a lasting impression.
    » year round fragrance that does well in most climates
    » sits close to the skin with moderate projection for six (6) plus hours

    In the heart, you are instantly mesmerized by the note of rose, which in itself is the symbol of love. It is velvety smooth with a soft sweet spicy nuance that is reminiscent of raspberries.

    The dry down is captivating with notes of patchouli, amber and musk. The patchouli is prominent with an intense aroma of musk and earthiness, and has a mildly sweet and minty accord. The musk teases your senses with its warm, soft skin accord that feels inviting and welcoming. This fragrance would not be complete without the sweet, resinous, cozy and powdery note of amber. JAWAD AL LAYL GOLD is perfect for men and women who love life and have a heart of gold.

    Gender Profile: Unisex

    Olfactory information:

    • Top Notes: Florals and Pineapple
    • Heart Notes: Rose
    • Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber and Musk

    Fragrance Category: Oriental