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  • July 4th Special Celebrate with the Red, White & Blue Oud Collection

    Celebrate the spirit of Independence Day with our exclusive Red, White, and Blue Oud Collection, a curated bundle of unisex fragrances that embody freedom, charm, and daring sophistication. This special July 4th bundle includes KHALIS AL NISA, WHITE MUSK SPECIAL, and KHALIS AL RIJAL Eau de Parfums, each housed in a bottle that reflects the vibrant colors of the American flag. These scents are not only visually striking but also offer fantastic layerability, allowing you to create a personalized fragrance experience that complements any occasion.

    KHALIS AL NISA (Red) offers a romantic and passionate scent with notes of rose and ylang-ylang, ideal for evenings filled with love and adventure. WHITE MUSK SPECIAL (White) brings a charismatic and tropical aura with mango and white musk, perfect for daily wear. KHALIS AL RIJAL (Blue) delivers a bold and smoky fragrance with agarwood and black musk, tailored for those who command attention.

    🔴 KHALIS AL NISA - Passionate Red: Embrace romance with this fragrance's enchanting blend of mandarin, rose, and musk, perfect for date nights and special occasions.

    WHITE MUSK SPECIAL - Charismatic White: Captivate those around you with this fragrance's mix of exotic fruits, jasmine, and creamy musk, ideal for enhancing your everyday charm.

    🔵 KHALIS AL RIJAL - Bold Blue: Stand out with this intense blend of agarwood, cedar, and musk, designed for evenings where making a memorable impression is key.

    🎆 Celebrate with Style: These fragrances are designed to represent the Red, White, and Blue, making them perfect for July 4th celebrations or as a patriotic gift.

    🌟 Layer and Customize: Enjoy the versatility of these fragrances by wearing them alone or layering them to create a unique scent that's all your own.

    Each fragrance in this collection stands out for its distinctive notes but also harmonizes beautifully when layered, providing endless possibilities to express your style and mood. The Red, White, and Blue Oud Collection is more than just a set of fragrances; it's a celebration of individuality and freedom, embodied in each scent's complexity and richness. Whether you're attending a fireworks show, hosting a barbecue, or enjoying a quiet evening at home, let these perfumes enhance the festivity of your July 4th celebration.