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    KALEMAH is a unisex fragrance that leans masculine. It is for men or women who are bold, outgoing and want a fragrance to make a statement for them. This fragrance is strong and will have you standing out from the crowd. In the opening there is a combination of fruity notes such as orange, pineapple, berry and apple, but these notes are very subtle due to the heavier notes that take over in the heart and base.

    In the heart you will notice a spiciness that comes from pink pepper, it is intense and projects itself over the other notes. The florals are present, but soft and translucent, giving this fragrance a breath of powdery sweetness that comes from a hint of rose, a touch of white florals and a whisper of magnolia.

    The base has a gorgeous white musk that blends beautifully with vanilla and amber, these notes are met with the intense accord of D/O Tarat which is captivating and full bodied. KALEMAH is a fragrance that will announce your arrival before you enter a room. It is distinguished and perfect for the man or woman who desire to be noticed. This fragrance is not for the faint of heart.

    KALIMAH is a sophisticated semi-fruity oriental fragrance that delivers charm in a musky woody and Oud setting. A great option for work, sport and cosmopolitan living. Although Oud is present in its notes and categorized as oriental, KALIMAH is not part of what we classify as Oud fragrances.

    KALIMAH is part of Ahmed Al Maghribi Discovery Set 2, you can try it along with several other great parfums in that category.

    Gender Profile: Unisex

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top note: Fruity, Orange, Pineapple, Berry, Apple
    • Middle note: Floral ( Pink pepper, Roses, White flower, Magnolia)
    • Base note: Musky (White Musk, D/O Tarat, Vanilla, Amber)