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    Heading for a date, a party, or just meeting some friends? KHALIS ROSE GOLD ROYAL unisex Eau de Parfum is the right choice in any situation. Discover a fragrance that will always bring out your unique charisma.

    An arid tuberose as singularly inspired as the West Texas oasis. ROSE GOLD ROYAL, the new scent from KHALIS, captures the elusive totality of arid tuberose, isolated city- modern art mecca, historic frontiertown, legendary nexus of paranormal and extraterrestrial activity- melding the glowing warmth of desert twilight with surprisingly sweet florals and modern musks to paint a portrait of a locale that straddles regions, cultures and time itself.

    ROSE GOLD ROYAL opens with an immediate punch of orange blossom and tuberose, fruity and sweet but also surprisingly dry, imbued with surreal weightlessness. A highway of dry, gently smooth woods stretches ahead of us, and the haunting lights of the creamy, musky base glow with quiet intensity. The notes don't seem to make sense together, and yet the collective impression is undeniably cohesive, a place that shouldn't exist and yet thrives, replacing the logic of the rest of the world with something distinctive, alien, and unexpectedly beautiful. Equal parts austere and unabashed, bold and understated, challenging and downright lovely, ROSE GOLD ROYAL isn't meant to be understood- at least, not until you find yourself deep in its heart, and realizing that you never want to leave.

    » floral fragrance
    » woody fragrance
    » unisex – suitable for both women and men
    » fragrance suitable for everyday wear

    Gender Profile: Unisex (leans Feminine / Floral-Tuberose)

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top Notes: Orange Blossom and Mandarin Orange
    • Middle Notes: Tuberose, Agave and Ylang Ylang
    • Base Notes: Sandalwood Cedar, White Musk and Vanilla

    Fragrance category: Floral, Woody